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Allied Taxis is the number one service in Shetland taxis. Whether your needs are for Lerwick taxis, Scalloway taxis, Sumburgh Airport taxis or Scatsta Airport taxis - whether you are situated locally or outwith Shetland, whether for business or pleasure, corporate needs or individual needs, you can depend on an efficient, reliable taxi service 24 hours a day.

Your first contact in the places you visit is often your taxi driver. Your initial impressions of a place are often the result of how you are first treated. That's why Allied Taxis' original goal from 1999 when the company was created is still the same: clean cars, pleasant drivers, on time.

We provide a range of services including:

You are guaranteed to experience stress-free travel throughout Shetland in total comfort with Allied Taxis when you allow us to take care of all your needs. Our strong reputation as Shetland’s number one taxi service stands because you say so - not because we say so.

Your taxi is part of a fleet of more than 20 vehicles. We are the largest supplier of licensed taxis in Shetland. Your taxi can be booked for any service, including wheel chair transport, minibus transport, guided tours, or VIP executive car needs.

Make an advance booking online or call (0)1595 69 00 69.