Allied Taxis North Mainland Tour

The North Mainland Allied Taxis Tour explores some of Shetland's best scenery, most photographed cliffs and the Islands Wildlife Sanctuary.

Eshaness CliffsCliffs of Eshaness

Shetland's most dramatic cliff scenery that displays an array of coastline erosion. The effects of the North Atlantic's force on our landscape is so obvious and captivating.

Holes of Scraada

This is an underground passage leading out into the North Atlantic sea that can be viewed from land or approached by kayak.

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary

Shetland's only Wildlife Sanctuary is based at the Booth in Hillswick. Here they take care of seals, otters and much more.

Wildlife SanctuaryBraewick Café

Overlooking the cliffs, sit back and enjoy a lovely cup of tea with one of Braewick’s finest home bakes.